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Constructions geometry: Circles

This is one of the most important sections for maths in class 10. Learning the formulas given below and applying them can help in getting a better score in mathematics.

We believe that having access to the list of formulas for class 10 all in a single page can be really beneficial for the students. Therefore, we have compiled this list and presented it to you through his website. Check this out and download them for reference. Also, make sure to navigate to the other formulas.

Constructions geometry_ Circles

1. Circumference of a circle = 2πr

2. Area of a circle = πr²

3. Length of the arc of the sector of an angle (considering the angle to be x) = x⁄360 2πr

4. Area of the sector of angle (considering the angle to be x) = x/360 πr²

5. Area of segment of a circle = Area of the corresponding sector −  Area of the corresponding triangle

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