Basic probability formulas for class 10

Probability in the simplest terms refers to how likely an event is to happen. It is a branch of mathematics which deals with calculating the likelihood of an event’s occurrence. There are formulas for finding out the probability of an event. Learning these formulas and applying them can help them attain a better score in mathematics.

We believe that having access to the list of basic probability formulas for class 10 all in a single page can be really beneficial for the students. Therefore, we have compiled this list and presented it to you through his website. Check this out and download them for reference. Also, make sure to navigate to the other formulas.

Basic probability formulas for class 10

1. Empirical probability

Empirical probability formula = Probability of an event happening is the ratio of the time similar events happened in the past.

or Empirical probability = Number of times event occurs/Total number of times experiment performed

2. Theoretical probability

To understand this, let us consider a random experiment.
Let A be an outcome of the random experiment. Then A is called an event.
The theoretical probability of the event A is given by
P(A) = Number of outcomes favourable to A / Total number of outcomes
Theoretical probability is also known as Classical probability or A Priori probability.

Other formulas

  1. Algebra
  2. Geometry
  3. Coordinate Geometry
  4. Circles  Constructions
  5. Trigonometry
  6. Mensuration

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